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Energy Harvester Cores for Smart Grid monitoring Applications

Energy Harvester Cores
Energy Harvester Cores

Smart grid applications encompass many technologies and represent a leading growth area within the Power Utilities and renewable energy industry. At MK Magnetics, Inc., we support smart grid deployments with components such as energy harvesting cores. These are inductively powered coupling devices that enable the collection and transfer of energy under low line current conditions. Our specialization in tape wound cores allows us to offer the most energy efficient and cost effective solution for induction-based energy harvesting. These products are engineered to meet the magnetic, power density, and environmental demands specific to energy harvester cores. As a result, our expertise in engineering and manufacturing cores gives us the ability to maximize designs and utilize the optimal combination of features, materials, and manufacturing processes. For example, in applications where cost is a major concern, we can build cores from silicon steel. For high-performance designs, we can manufacture cores from high nickel and nanocrystalline materials.

One of the advantages of working with MK Magnetics is our customer-centric culture; our goal is to build long-term relationships by delivering the maximum value and performance with every project engagement. The quality and performance inherent in our products are highlighted in the fact that our energy harvester cores have been deployed in smart grid applications across the globe.

What we offer our customers is unique in the industry, responsive customer service, unmatched performance, and lead times of just three weeks. For more information, or to learn more about the advantages of working with an industry leader, contact us directly.

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Energy Harvester Cores Case Study Highlights

Project Name & Description
Determine best possible materials and processes for the most effective use of power harvesting available for Smart Grid monitoring.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Superior bonding and annealing technology that produces optimum results
Material Used
Silicon steel for lowest cost, high nickels and nanocrystalline for best performance
Industry for Use
Smart Grid, Local Power Distribution, Power Transmission
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Specialized testing to meet the needs of this unique type of product
From prototypes to mass production
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 weeks from Engineering to delivery
Delivery Location
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