MK Magnetics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of magnetic core products, which are used across multiple industries for diverse electrical, electromechanical, and magnetic applications. With our years of experience in the magnetic core field, we have developed a variety of standard and custom core designs to meet your specific needs.

We understand that our customers need reliable and efficient solutions, so all our products are manufactured with high-quality materials and components in compliance with industry standards. With our numerous top-tier materials, rest assured your expectations will be met.

Magnetic Cores in Energy Storage


Magnetic cores are primarily used in the production of magnetic and mechanical devices. They’re highly permeable pieces that are usually wrapped with a wire coil. These cores can confine and guide magnetic fields in electrical, electromechanical, and magnetic devices.

Other benefits of magnetic cores:

  • Regulate the flow of electricity
  • Convert energy
  • Provides a path for electrical current
  • Harvest energy efficiently

Magnetic cores can be used in numerous energy storage applications besides converting and harvesting energy which is done by inverters and converters. They can store and transfer energy from one device to another by using the inductive properties of a coil to produce an oscillating electromagnetic field. This field aids in magnetic energy storage, which can be discharged anytime.

Common Energy Storage Applications of Magnetic Cores

The most common application of a magnetic core in energy storage are inverters. Below are some essential key points to consider.

  • Magnetic cores help convert extra energy from AC to DC, and vice versa, for battery storage. After that, it can be released back into the circuit when required.
  • Since cores enhance the inductance of coils, overall performance and energy storage capabilities are improved.

Opting for Nanocrystalline Materials

We have different types of magnetic cores available, and each one is used depending on its intended purpose or applications. For instance, a nanocrystalline core has superior permeability and is made with metallic-glass materials with a crystalline structure.

Why choose nanocrystalline?

  • Lower core losses at higher frequencies
  • Reduced volume and weight
  • High saturation flux density
  • Good temperature coefficient of inductance

Transformers and inductors that employ nanocrystalline consume less power and can be employed in more sophisticated instruments and equipment. 

Quality Magnetic Cores for Your Energy Storage Needs

MK Magnetics, Inc. is a reliable manufacturer of magnetic cores for varying applications. One is energy storage, where we provide custom solutions for all your requirements and project specifications.

We can create magnetic cores to suit specific requirements on inductors, transformers, and other devices. If you have any questions or concerns about our cores, feel free to contact us today. You may also request information, and we can discuss your project and develop a unique solution for your energy storage needs. We look forward to hearing from you!