Medical Industry

Tape wound toroidal cores are used in various medical settings, particularly for medical imaging. Its magnetic components provide an exemplary function for MRIs or magnetic resonance imaging. One of the most popular types of cores is nanocrystalline tape wound cores.

The unique properties of nanocrystalline cores make them ideal for use in MRI machines. They have a low core loss, high saturation flux density, and excellent permeability. Additionally, the magnetic property allows for smaller core sizes compared to other types of cores, making them easier to integrate into devices.

It makes designing smaller, more efficient MRI equipment easier, ultimately improving patient care quality. And here at MK Magnetics, Inc., we have developed a variety of cores for various applications, especially in the medical industry.

Benefits of Using a Magnetic Core for Medical Imaging

Medical imaging refers to the process of taking interior images of a person’s body for medical intervention or clinical assessment. Some medical imaging devices require a toroidal core to generate magnetic fields.

Using a tape wound core for medical imaging offers several advantages over traditional methods of creating magnetic fields. For one, the cores provide higher efficiency and better control over the generated field strength.

Higher field strengths allow doctors to take more detailed images while keeping radiation levels low. But many studies have shown that a special type of magnetic core called a pulse core provides significant performance for medical imaging.

Fortunately, MK Magnetics, Inc. has developed bonding and annealing techniques to increase permeability. We have sourced the most cost-effective materials to ensure you receive the highest quality performing cores.

Is Nanocrystalline Core a Good Option for Medical Use?

If you compare a nanocrystalline core vs. a ferrite core, there’s no doubt that a nanocrystalline core provides better performance. Nanocrystalline material has lower eddy current losses and a more controlled frequency response than bulk ferrite cores. They are also easier to manufacture and machine, providing more cost-effectiveness.

Nanocrystalline has high magnetic flux and remarkable magnetic properties that make it an excellent choice for various medical applications. Furthermore, it has a wide range of applications, making it suitable for the medical field as well as other industries.

Nanocrystalline cores have emerged as a powerful tool for directed energy therapies. These cores are highly efficient and can be used to transfer energy over longer distances. They can also be used to deliver precise doses of energy in a targeted area, making them ideal for therapeutic treatments such as laser ablation and tissue regeneration. With nanocrystalline cores, medical professionals can provide targeted care with greater accuracy and effectiveness.

Custom Tape Wound Magnetic Cores for the Medical Industry

MK Magnetics, Inc. has been in the industry to provide and supply magnetic cores for various applications. With our years of knowledge and in-house capabilities, we have honed our skills and caught up with the latest trends to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients.

Some reasons why you will want to work with us:

  • Adhere to the quality control requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  • We don’t subcontract with other manufacturers
  • Extensive range of configurations
  • Largest selection of materials in various types and thickness

Let MK Magnetics, Inc. Handle Your Custom Core Needs

If you’re in the medical industry and need specific magnetic cores, we have the solution and expertise to ensure that you receive the products you need.

We can fulfill our client’s specific needs and demands thanks to our abilities and years of experience in the field. So don’t hesitate to contact us today or request a free quote so that we can find the best product according to your needs.