Power Utilities

MK Magnetics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of magnetic cores used by various industries for different applications. Our tape-wound cores are an essential component with high magnetic permeability. Due to its exceptional features, it’s used for power utilities.

A magnetic core has many uses, and we can provide a standard and customized core according to your conditions and prerequisites. With our in-house capabilities, we can develop products made with quality in mind while being cost-effective. Our years of expertise allow us to achieve results that exceed your expectations.

Use of Magnetic Cores for Harvesting Energy in Smart Sensors

The use of magnetic cores for power utilities has become widespread today since these offer high permeability with a concentrated magnetic field, making them a better option for industrial applications. 

One great example is in energy harvesting applications in smart sensors. Using magnetic cores, energy can be harvested from ambient sources to provide power for various components and devices.

Our magnetic cores are designed to have low losses, which helps make power delivery more efficient. Aside from permeability, they offer fantastic stability; it is ideal for many applications related to power utilities, such as energy harvesting systems, solar inverters, converters, AC to DC converters, rectifiers, motors control systems, and other types of equipment.

Materials Used for Our Magnetic Cores

Fortunately, we offer magnetic cores made out of different materials. These materials highly depend on your requirements and specifications, which is an ideal option for custom orders.

Materials we work with are as follows:

  • Nanocrystalline
  • Amorphous
  • Nickel alloys
  • Silicon-iron

With MK Magnetics, we can help you find the ideal material for your magnetic cores. In addition, we offer many different configurations to ensure that you receive the best products according to your requests and the demands of your project.

Ideal Materials for Power Utility Usage

Our most efficient materials for tape wound cores are nickel and nanocrystalline cores, which provide the best quality and performance for power utilities. They have a higher impedance to high frequencies. Plus, a nanocrystalline core offers low power loss and high saturation. Using silicon steel is also a good option because it has a higher flux density combined with low losses.

Benefits of tape wound cores:

  • High electrical resistance
  • High magnetic susceptibility
  • Low coercivity

Our tape wound cores make energy-efficient transformers for electric grids. This helps to get electricity to people more efficiently.

Custom Magnetic Cores from MK Magnetics

We understand that each of our customers has different preferences and wants, especially for projects revolving around power utilities. Fortunately, we have in-depth knowledge about this industry, permitting us to design products tailored to your needs.

Our magnetic cores are high quality and can be customized. They come in different shapes, like toroidal, cut C-cores, E-cores, and bars. They are all made from special materials. Our team has skills that can provide excellent craftsmanship and deliver outcomes that are second to none.

Why work with us for your custom requirements?

  • Provides highly customized solutions for tape wound cores
  • An extensive range of magnetic materials to choose from
  • We put our customers at the heart of our operation
  • Maximum value and performance for every project
  • We’ll work with you every step of the way

Choose MK Magnetics to Create Reliable Magnetic Cores

When it comes to power utilities, quality magnetic cores are essential to ensure that they are functioning efficiently. With our full range of products, you can be sure that we will meet your needs and requirements with the utmost precision.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer customized solutions, and you can request a quote so that we can work on an answer to your problems immediately.