Industries Served

MK Magnetics, Inc is the most reliable source of tape-wound soft magnetic cores made to the highest standards. We produce high-caliber work to guarantee that our magnetic cores satisfy our customers.

Our products and services cater to a diverse range of industries and applications. These magnetic core products are constructed from various materials, including grain-oriented silicon steel, nickel alloys containing 50% and 80% nickel, cobalt alloys, and amorphous and nanocrystalline materials. Nanocrystalline is the newest and next-generation material we have added to our line.

Military/AerospaceUS Air Force Plane

Military and aerospace applications, in particular, rely on using magnetic cores as an effective, lightweight, cost-efficient way to provide high-performance levels. MK Magnetics’ magnetic cores are designed to meet those specific needs — they can be used with military or aerospace systems for components such as power transformers, chokes, inductors, current and pulse transformers. 

MK Magnetics’ magnetic cores offer superior electrical properties such as low resistance losses, consistent performance across temperature ranges, and excellent thermal characteristics. They also come with reliable mechanical strength making them ideal for long-term operational life in military/aerospace applications. 

Power Utilities

Magnetic Cores are an essential part of  power utility systems including Smart Grid sensors, power converters and inverters, switchgear, and current transformers (CT) technology. Magnetic cores act as a transformer, allowing electricity to be safely transferred from one location to another without the risk of electrical efficiency, reliability and safety. MK Magnetics provides high-quality magnetic cores that meet the specific requirements of these types of applications. 

These cores are made from metal alloy materials combined with special processes for optimal performance and reliability which is essential in the performance of the smart sensors and other devices. 

Renewable EnergyView of Windmills and solar panels

MK Magnetics magnetic cores are a primary component of renewable energy systems. These cores use the natural properties of magnetism to convert AC and DC  for applications like wind turbines, solar cells, and other renewable sources. 

The efficiency of MK Magnetics cores makes them an ideal choice for renewable energy systems, as they can generate more power while using less energy than conventional methods.

Energy Storage

Magnetic cores are essential components of energy storage systems. They provide the mechanism for converting energy from one form to another, such as DC to AC. MK Magnetics provides an extensive selection of magnetic cores for energy storage applications. 

In order to maximize efficiency, MK Magnetics works with clients to identify optimal core shapes and materials for their specific application needs. 

Oil & Mineral ExplorationDriller in a Mine Quarry

Exploration is an in-depth process that can be very demanding and magnetics cores are powerful tools used in oil, gas, directional drilling and mineral exploration. They use a magnetometer to measure the magnetic field in an area, allowing geologists to identify where minerals or hydrocarbons might be found. The process involves utilizing high permeability bars and custom shapes for measuring the magnetic fields in that area, which can then be compared against known patterns for certain types of deposits.  

Medical Imaging

In the medical industry, medical radiation therapy devices for cancer treatments, imaging, heart pumps, CTs scanners which use magnetic cores.

Thanks to our unique capabilities and specialties, MK Magnetics can customize a  magnetic core that will be an excellent component for the applications listed above  and other types of medical applications where a tape wound core is necessary.

High-Frequency Applications

Magnetic cores are a critical component in many high-frequency applications. They come in many shapes and sizes and use magnetic fields to store energy or redirect power.

The high-frequency applications are as follows:

  • Pulsed power research: In pulsed power research, the magnetic core stores energy for short periods, enabling researchers to achieve the required energizing levels with limited space and time. 
  • Food decontamination systems: Magnetic cores can also be found in food decontamination systems, which help achieve the required energy levels to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Directed energy accelerators: magnetic cores are often used in directed energy accelerators to enable the precise focusing of radiation beams.   

Our custom solutions can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of application requirements, ensuring that each core is optimized to meet the specific needs of your project for minimum power losses and maximum efficiency.  

Why Choose MK Magnetics, Inc. for Your Tape Wound Cores?

Energy Harvester Core Cut

MK Magnetics, Inc. has been in the industry for many years. We have experts and professionals working to ensure that you receive the best in terms of products and services. Moreover, we have in-house, unique engineered processes and flexibility to tailor them  to ensure that our products exceed our customers’ requirements. 

Other benefits of working with us:

  • Meeting your preferences with specifications and requirements
  • Pioneers with many years experiences bringing custom solutions 
  • Maintains quality control to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  • Standard to custom array of core configurations is at your disposal
  • Building long-term relationships with our partners and clients
  • Using a variety of metal alloys and thicknesses to achieve your needs

As you can see, we have done our utmost to ensure that every client in every business has a wide range of products to pick from. None of our manufacturing processes are outsourced or subcontracted to maintain our excellent quality. Whether you need a standard or customized product, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop your desired core for its intended function.

Whichever Industry You Belong To, MK Magnetics, Inc. is Here to Help

Since 2003, we have aimed to become a leading core manufacturer that our clients will trust. And we have achieved that after years of honing our skills and expertise. We understand that each industry needs different tape-wound soft magnetic cores, and we’re proud to say we have perfected our system.

If you need any help or have any questions regarding our products and other services, we’re here to help. You can contact us any time, and we’ll answer your queries. You may also request a quote so we can start your project.